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Whether you are a new business or an established one, having the transition of moving into a new office isn’t easy. Many people we speak to think that they pack up their stuff and move. There are lots of things to consider, so we have listed some of the important points you need to remember.

Finding the right office – Firstly before you move into a new office, you have to find a new office. Looking at just what one agent has to offer will not give you many options and you will miss out on a few potential hidden gems. So look everywhere, including websites such as Your Commercial Move.com Speaking to this company will help you get a better idea of what is around and advise on all the below questions.

Negotiating a lease – This is probably the most important part in the whole process as it will decide on what you are going to be paying for the premises over the next few years. Our advice is to negotiate a few different leases with different locations and then decide which is the best for you and the future of your business.

Legal representation – This is something that is very important in this process and choosing a solicitor that sticks to timescales with stop you being stuck in awkward positions when you thought everything would be in place in weeks and it may take months.

Fitting out your new office – This is a cost which is always greater than budgeted for. However acquiring second hand used furniture can help reduce these costs. If you are a current business then you may be able to bring some furniture across, but sometimes this may not fit, or look correct in the new office space. There are many companies around, like us, that help fit your new offices for very competitive prices. Also, the personal touch that we personally offer can reduce the stress of sorting this side of the move out.

Accept paying two rents – Unless you manage to broker a deal where you don’t pay rent until you move in and/or you move out of your current office, then you will probably be at some point paying two lots of rent. This is something that is needed to be prepared for as it can be a huge outlay in your money.

CSS Office Furniture help new businesses every day with their furniture design layout and space planning. If you are thinking of moving office and would like some advice and help, why not give us a call  0118 328 2349